If you are arranging a hen party weekend for a friend or family member, it is so important that you organise well and have everything under control. Here is a checklist for basic things that you need to make sure are taken care of.

  • The invite list

Who is coming to the hen party? If you want to be extra organised, you can send out invites. It is especially important to know the exact number of people coming if you are arranging accommodation for the hen party celebrations or you need everybody to pay towards the weekend budget.

  • The venue/venues

Where are you going for the hen party? Are you travelling to a big city or staying in your home town? Some people like to spend the entire weekend drinking and partying, whereas you might also need to arrange activities for the occasion.

  • The budget

What is the budget for the hen party? Even though you are organising the event, most people will ask everybody to chip in some money towards the budget. The money could include a hotel, nightclub entry fees/drinks, food, a stripper, transport and more. Have a budget in mind and look around for deals that fit into that budget the best.

  • Hen party accessories

Are there any other accessories that you need for the hen weekend? The bride to be, bridesmaid and other guests might wear matching T Shirts that mention the hen weekend on the back of them. It is really to get these printed really cheap. Some other accessories that you might want to buy include sashes, willy straws and more.

A hen party weekend is a great way to celebrate and have fun with the girls and by using this checklist, you can ensure that the celebrations go off with a bang.