Hen parties are not just traditional celebrations. These parties are a mark of an end and the beginning of a new life. The old is celebrated so that the new can be welcomed with open arms.

Traditionally hen parties are organised by very special and close friends and family of the girl who is about to be married. They do so in order to give her a chance to celebrate the last few days of her maiden life in the folds of happiness and good cheer.

Hen Do Activities

There are several activities that are planned for a hen party do. This is all done to ensure a happy time is passed both by the bride and her friends.

Here are some of the popular ways to spend a hen party.

Luxury Spa Break – With just a few days remaining for the wedding to take place there is nothing more important than for the bride to look good. So should everyone else. And what better way to spend a hen party than to go and take a luxury spa break for a weekend for the best in rejuvenation therapies and beauty treatments.

Short Trip – A short trip to a city or town that is well known can always be planned. It would be the best way to make a hen night memorable. It could be a Barcelona, Las Vegas or even a Benidorm weekend hen party that would have beautiful climate, shopping and sightseeing facilities to enjoy like never before.

Music and Dance – If it is a hen night party then you can spice it up with different games along with live music, dance and exotic food. There are different games like truth and dare, live karaoke singing and drinking challenges.

Paintball Game – There are several venues all over the world to play paintball that a simple internet search will locate for you. This is an ideal and fun way to spend your hen weekend or day celebrations. You can also invite the bridegroom and the groomsmen to join you in a battle of the paintball game. It would be the best activity for hen do.

Taking Smart Lessons – This is a wonderfully useful way to do up a hen party. The bride and her friends can spend the weekend of fun also by taking classes in several things like cocktail making, cooking, learning salsa dances and even punting.

Henna it Up – If you have a hen night then make sure you also call for a tattoo artist who can make different types of tattoo motifs for the bride and her friends. You all can also opt for the traditional henna application of designs on the palms of the hands and the feet of the bride.